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FTG Equipment Solutions, Inc. is your exclusive source for Rotair Air Compressors in the U.S. and Canada. In more than 91 countries around the globe, Rotair Air Compressors have distinguished themselves as products that can be depended upon for value, reliability and performance. FTG Equipment Solutions, Inc. markets and comprehensively supports the full line of Rotair diesel portable air compressors, from 40 cfm to 900 cfm, as well as high-pressure and specialty models, for construction and industry. You can depend on Rotair and FTG to provide solutions for all of your compressed air needs.


Rotair Air Compressors
90/185/300/425/800 CFM Diesel-Powered

Tecno Gen Diesel Generators
30 KVA/ 2 MEG
Super Quiet Entertainment Gensets

Trime LED Lights


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FTG Equipment Solutions
399 North Virginia Ave.
Carney’s Point, NJ 08069
1-856-299-3386 Fax
Contact: Steve Scattolini