Summit Sales was started in August of 1989 by Greg Martin and Marylou Martin. It was later incorporated when William Martin left his current employment to join. Soon two other associates were added and Summit Sales was born. It was decided that Greg Martin would be responsible for all dealings with manufacturers and corporate issues. William Martin would then be responsible for running the sales department. Marylou Martin, would be responsible for all financial, office issues, and play a large part in all operations. William would eventually leave the company to persue his own endeavors but Summit forged ahead.

To this day Summit has remained one of the best representative groups in the Eastern United States. All Summit Reps know their territories and who the major and minor players are. Their products control the arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does summit sell to end users or Contractors?
A : No! We only sell to rental stores, Contractors supply. and equipment dealers.
Q: Who bills me when I purchase?
A : The manufacturers bill you direct, Summit bills no one. You are buying direct.
Q: Can I get a better price going direct to the manufacturers?
A : No. In many cases without Summits involvement they may not sell you at all and you may get charged a higher price.
Q: Can I get a catalog with all products in it?
A : Of course with pricing literature & discounts .
Q: Can I see the product before I buy?
A : No problem. We can demo almost all products for show & performances.


OFE Leasing“The rental finance professionals”

The rental finance professionals at OFE Leasing have been assisting the financing needs of rental operators since 1992. Our founder, Joe O’Hara, previously managed the sales staffs for AEL and Progress Leasing. Our commitment to the rental industry allows us to understand your specific needs and provides us with the experience to custom tailor a financing solution to any cash flow requirement. We can provide you with seasonal payment options, deferred payment plans as well as pre-approved lines of credit for any of your equipment needs. If we can be of service to your rental business, please contact us at:

OFE Leasing
Toll-Free: 888-606-0290
Fax: 484-494-0291
E-Mail: jajohara@rcn.com